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The Winning Argument for me switching to the iPhone.

WildCharge is not new.  The company was launched in July of 2007.  This wiz-bang (sorry, channeling my Dad a bit) device has been recharging mobile phone and Blackberry’s for two years now. The WildCharge pad uses conduction to power the devices. There is no electro magnetic, microwave or other radiation.  It truly is amazing technology. […]

Would the real Sim-City please stand up?

One part Sim city, one part Hong Kong Harbor, add in countless pixels and you have cool. Go play here.

I Could Be A Star.

I am part of a fantastic networking group called Biznik. It is a great place to network with other small business owners and entrepreneurs. The site has great articles, discussion topics and motivational members. Biznik also provides small business training and host socials, often free, for members. I enjoy the site, the training and the […]

Not Your Fathers Manufactured Home.

Prefabricated homes are coming into their own.  No longer are they targets for tornadoes or a dumping ground for old washers and Cameros (no offense meant to either).  Today’s prefabricated or modular homes are on the bleeding edge of style and environmentalism. Environmentally, modular homes produce less waste when constructed.  Each prefabricated piece is made […]

Finding a Job in a New Community: A Guide to Your Perfect Move.

Many of the candidates I work with are searching for new opportunities outside the city or town they currently live in. In these uncertain times openness to relocation can give a candidate a real edge in a job search. I understand that there are big challenges when you relocate to a new community. Maybe you […]

I love it, but how would it feel in my back pocket?

I know this is an architectural and recruiting blog but sometimes something so cool pops up I have to blog about it. Take a look at this: You can find these wonderful creations here. Go get one before I buy them all up. David hat tip

The Perfect Chair?

I am ever searching for the perfect chair. My perfect chair is first and foremost comfortable. I am tall so my chair needs to fit my large frame. I want my legs level with the ground and feet flat when I am seated. I also want a tall back that supports me at all times. […]