Monthly Archives: August 2009

Telling time in Germany just got cool.

You must know of my time piece obsession by now.  I have no explanation for my love a clocks and watches, the passion simply is.  Thankfully those hip Germans are feeding my passion. The new QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk is an all alphabet time piece.  No need to count, this wall mounted clock clearly […]

The Route To Modular Art.

Modular Design.  We hear the term more and more these days to describe design.  Modular design is simply design of a system in parts, be it house, hotel or chair. Where I find modular design exciting is how it is connecting art and the functional world.  Artist are using the modular medium to design cutting […]

Cities XL

I have been playing Sim City since I was in college.  My roommate had the game on his computer and I was in love after I created my first road.  Over the years Sim City has changed, improved and spun off entire worlds meeting the needs of the God complex in each of us. New […]

Agnes Lofts, Seattle.

One of my favorite new buildings here in Seattle is the Agnes Lofts.  With double height windows on all sides of the building, the occupant is as much a part of the neighborhood inside as they are outside.  Rising out of its gritty past on Capital Hill, Agnes stays connected to the street while looking […]

Listening At The Point Of Need.

Earlier in the week I hosted a conference call put on by HARO (Help A Reporter Out).  HARO was started by Peter Shankman as a way for reporters in need of content to connect with subject matter experts.  The call was about how business can leverage social media to increase sales, gain clients and improve […]