Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Phone Interview: A Survival Guide

The phone interview, sometime called the phone screen, has been established as common protocol in any interview process.  The phone interview is an effective, inexpensive and timely way for firms to pre-qualify a candidate’s personality, communication ability and get a sense of their background. While the phone interview can be difficult, it is not impossible.  […]

Think of it as the “patch” for your crackberry.

We have all been there.  You are in a meeting and you feel the familiar buzz of your Blackberry in your pocket.  You have a new email.  Is it the important client accepting the bid?  Is the house on fire?  You know what happens next.  You spend the next ten minutes thinking of a way […]

Join me at the Seattle AIA.

Just a quick reminder.  I will be hosting a Brown Bag session at the Seattle AIA (1911 1st Ave) on Tuesday the 3rd of November.  It is free but space is limited to 25 people. I will be discussing how to get your portfolio noticed, tips and tricks on content and layout and how to […]

iREV: Dreaming of Summer Days.

As I sit here in the cold rain of Seattle Fall I feel the need to post about those warm summer days that now seem so long ago.  Fortunatly I came across the iREV today. With a design like nothing else on the water the iREV is a party boat that encourages interaction.  The iREV […]

The Future is in the Breeze.

Having made it’s mark with ultra-cool vacuums and hand dryers, Dyson is again leading us into the future we have always dreamed of. In this future vacuums roll on a single ball, maximizing maneuverability, hand dryers quickly and thoroughly blow-dry your washed hand and fans don’t need blades. Welcome to the future. This fan uses […]