Monthly Archives: December 2009

Stress relief chair, recession style.

The day is over and all you want to do is sink into your favorite chair, switch on the tube and let the stress of the day melt away. Sorry, this chair is not for you. The Do-Hit chair will help you with the stress but there won’t be much melting into it. Designed by […]

Happy Holidays and Thank You For a Great Year.

2009 is ending. My first thought as I type this short sentence is “Good riddance! Bring on 2010!”. But as I reflect further I realize, and always will, that in many ways 2009 was a great year. This year is the year I turned from the security of Corporate America to follow my dream. This […]


I was having coffee with a friend the other day when the most amazing thing happened; he showed me his portfolio…on his phone. It was nothing fancy, just a few pictures of renderings and finished work he had done, but this small act sent my mind racing. Was I witnessing the future? What a simply […]

The Philco “Princess” TV updated.

It is beyond cool.  Designed by Schultze WORKS designstudio , this dreamy creation placed in the top three of a recent design competition.  Titled “Philco PC”, this has to be the hippest thing I have seen since Apple started producing their slick line of personal everything. While it will never be made, it only exist […]

We got the future wrong, and it is saving the planet.

Watch this first. Wow, it seems so clean, so easy, so un-congested.  All of our problems solved through individual transportation to anywhere you can imagine wanting or needing to go.   As billions are being allocated to improve commuter, light-rail and trolley infrastructure across the county I thought it would be fun to see what our […]

Another watch post.

If you read my blog often you know I love watches.  The S+ark Palindrome Too, by Fossil, is my new favorite.   This watch is modern, simple design at it’s finest.  The watche has two dials — one for the hour, one for the minute .  The watch housing is stainless steel and is a […]

Rotating Kitchen

I am in love with this art installation! The slowly rotating kitchen is fun to watch from a boyish, destruction point of view. As I watched the kitchen change from clean and neat to a total wreak I was reminded how close we all are to calamity and destruction. Images of New Orleans came to […]

Why Your Firm Should Stop Interviewing Today! (and never do it again)

With many firms holding off on hiring until the new budget year now is a great time to review your firm’s interviewing process. In fact, your firm should stop interviewing all together. The interview is no longer the most effective way to evaluate potential hires. As the economy recovers firms must quickly meet client’s needs. […]