Monthly Archives: February 2010

Self, Incorporated: Self Branding and the New Marketplace.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  It’s true.  The world is slowly emerging from the Great Recession of 2009.  The past two years have seen a paradigm shift.  How business will be done in the future has changed.  The business world is wiping the slate clean and developing new rules of play. In this new […]

2010 Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

This weekend I was able to check a box off my bucket list.  I attended an Olympic event.  The event was Ice Hockey, Team Russia against the Czech Republic. Now I am not a huge Hockey fan but I understand the sport enough to enjoy watching it.  What I found more fascinating were the people […]

Charlotte: “growing, growing, gone”

Because I love Charlotte, North Carolina (my favorite person is from there) I wanted to share this fun clip about the growth and death of the city.  The clip is fun.  Unfortunately I see things too deeply and I cannot help but enjoy the irony of Charlotte, a banking center, ending up buried in the […]

Airplanes 101.

I love the way Kulula, low fare air carrier in South Africa, has branded their plans.  The colors are unique and the clever labeling of the different parts of the plan is tongue-in-check fun.