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New! Hip! Wal-Mart!

Last week I attended an interesting event hosted by the Seattle chapter of The Retail Design Institute.  The event was about emerging design trends in retail.  Alison Embry Medina, Executive Editor of DDI Magazine, lead the discussion that was held at the beautiful NBBJ headquarters here in Seattle. The presentation was fantastic.  Alison was very […]

Self, Incorporated: Self Branding and the New Marketplace.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  It’s true.  The world is slowly emerging from the Great Recession of 2009.  The past two years have seen a paradigm shift.  How business will be done in the future has changed.  The business world is wiping the slate clean and developing new rules of play. In this new […]

Airplanes 101.

I love the way Kulula, low fare air carrier in South Africa, has branded their plans.  The colors are unique and the clever labeling of the different parts of the plan is tongue-in-check fun.

David Brown Recruiting Launches Career Coaching Services

David Brown Recruiting announces the launch of their Career Coaching Services. Experienced in delivering top talent to some of the most dynamic firms in the industry, David Brown Recruiting offers effective and thorough strategies for any search at any level. We will work with you to create a career strategy that extols your key strengths […]

Escada Head Office in Munich, Germany.

The venerable Escada was purchased by an Indian billionaire this month after filing bankruptcy in August of 2009.  I am sure the business dealers will say that Escada was a logical purchase and was bought for a steal.  That may be true however, I think the real reason for the purchase was the fantastic office […]

Social Media’s Impact on Your Firm’s Bottom Line

Social media, it seems to be everywhere these days.  More than likely you are using it to stay connected with friends and family, post pictures of your vacation and organize your class reunion.  So why does your firm need to be a part of social media and how could it possibly benefit your firms bottom […]

What if Amsterdam was located in Napa?

You would get modern California warmth. Merus Wines, located in the Napa Valley, approached UXUS Design, based in Amsterdam, to create a space that would enhance the vintners high end brand and stand out among the many tasting rooms in the Valley. What UXUS has created is a perfect balance between warmth and modern sophistication. […]

More Starbucks.

Sorry for another posting about Starbucks but I find this developing story very interesting. You can read the entire article here. In a stoke of marketing genius or stupidity, Starbucks is opening stores that are not Starbucks stores as we know them. The stores are being designed to integrate totally with the neighborhoods they are […]

Starbucks: The Next Generation?

I have a unique interest in Starbucks.  It’s not the company, the music, the coffee or that it is headquartered here in Seattle that holds my attention.  No, Starbucks interest me as a design firm.  Maybe because I worked there for so long supporting the talented designers who created all those store across the globe. […]