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It is always the simplest ideas…

Simplicity.  It is what I find most interesting about modern design.  Take the Split Watch for example.  By simply twisting the watch 20 degrees on the band the watch is easier to read (for right-handed folks). Enjoy the simplicity and don’t kick yourself too hard for not thinking of it first. Advertisements

Forbes List of the Fastest Growing Retailers.

Forbes has released its top ten list of fastest growing retailers for 2010.  I always find this list interesting and a great snapshot of the buying habits of Americans.  I also think it will be a great indicator of what aspects of retail will lead the retail design recovery. Leading the pack in 2010 is […]

Spandex Bike Shorts Will Still Look Bad.

If you watch House Hunters or House Hunters International on HGTV you know that “they” have yet to produce a piece of exercise equipment that looks good in a home.  Without fail each house tour includes a quick peek into the bonus room or basement where these horrid dust collectors live never to be seen […]

The Philco “Princess” TV updated.

It is beyond cool.  Designed by Schultze WORKS designstudio , this dreamy creation placed in the top three of a recent design competition.  Titled “Philco PC”, this has to be the hippest thing I have seen since Apple started producing their slick line of personal everything. While it will never be made, it only exist […]

If a tree told time in the woods…..

My wish list is getting longer and longer these days!  The WoodStation Weather Display Clock is the latest addition to my list.  The clock is made of wood but inside are intuitive LED lights that project trough the wood creating a very clean, easy to read display of time, date and current weather conditions. What […]

Telling time in Germany just got cool.

You must know of my time piece obsession by now.  I have no explanation for my love a clocks and watches, the passion simply is.  Thankfully those hip Germans are feeding my passion. The new QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk is an all alphabet time piece.  No need to count, this wall mounted clock clearly […]

The Route To Modular Art.

Modular Design.  We hear the term more and more these days to describe design.  Modular design is simply design of a system in parts, be it house, hotel or chair. Where I find modular design exciting is how it is connecting art and the functional world.  Artist are using the modular medium to design cutting […]

More Starbucks.

Sorry for another posting about Starbucks but I find this developing story very interesting. You can read the entire article here. In a stoke of marketing genius or stupidity, Starbucks is opening stores that are not Starbucks stores as we know them. The stores are being designed to integrate totally with the neighborhoods they are […]

Not Your Fathers Manufactured Home.

Prefabricated homes are coming into their own.  No longer are they targets for tornadoes or a dumping ground for old washers and Cameros (no offense meant to either).  Today’s prefabricated or modular homes are on the bleeding edge of style and environmentalism. Environmentally, modular homes produce less waste when constructed.  Each prefabricated piece is made […]

I love it, but how would it feel in my back pocket?

I know this is an architectural and recruiting blog but sometimes something so cool pops up I have to blog about it. Take a look at this: You can find these wonderful creations here. Go get one before I buy them all up. David hat tip