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Vice President of Construction (Greater China and South East Asia) Store Development

Global lifestyle brand, recognized around the world as a premium brand and whose products include apparel, accessories and fragrance collections for men and women as well as childrenswear and home furnishings.  As a whole, this company comprises one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands.  This firm is an innovator in inspirational […]

Finding a Job in a New Community: Finding Your Perfect Job

Once you have a city in mind, how do you find a job?  More to the point, how do you get your portfolio in front of the right people?  What follows are three effective ways to reach out to potential employers, the first step to getting hired. Developing a List of Target Companies: As a […]

Finding a Job in a New Community: A Guide to Your Perfect Move.

Many of the candidates I work with are searching for new opportunities outside the city or town they currently live in. In these uncertain times openness to relocation can give a candidate a real edge in a job search. I understand that there are big challenges when you relocate to a new community. Maybe you […]

What Hiring Managers Want to See in Your Portfolio.

To the Architect or Interior Designer, the portfolio is the expression of their design voice, the visual representation of their past work and a window into their design aesthetic and point of view.  It is also a great way to showcase design work and market design skills to potential employers. But what do hiring managers […]