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Think of it as a Hyundai around your wrist.

I love watches.  This is a fact known to anyone who has read my blog.  I have peppered these virtual pages with watches that I have wanted, admired or would sell my right hand for.  This watch may fit into the latter category. Selling for a wallet draining $15,000 this watch is for those rich […]

It is always the simplest ideas…

Simplicity.  It is what I find most interesting about modern design.  Take the Split Watch for example.  By simply twisting the watch 20 degrees on the band the watch is easier to read (for right-handed folks). Enjoy the simplicity and don’t kick yourself too hard for not thinking of it first.

A Thing of Beauty…

Ok, this watch is so beautiful it makes me weep! Designed by Sebastian Krabbe , this is another fantasy watch that may never be made.  If created this watch would be brushed aluminum with a wristband made of wood.  The concept was derived from an alpine hut and a rock crystal.  Sebastian brings the two […]

Watch Without a Face.

It has been a while since I posted about a cool watch.  Not to worry, the Aurora is worth the wait. The Aurora is a watch without a face.  Instead, laser light beams are used for the hands.  The red beam indicates the minutes and the blue depicts the hour. They appear only when you […]

Another watch post.

If you read my blog often you know I love watches.  The S+ark Palindrome Too, by Fossil, is my new favorite.   This watch is modern, simple design at it’s finest.  The watche has two dials — one for the hour, one for the minute .  The watch housing is stainless steel and is a […]

Think of it as the “patch” for your crackberry.

We have all been there.  You are in a meeting and you feel the familiar buzz of your Blackberry in your pocket.  You have a new email.  Is it the important client accepting the bid?  Is the house on fire?  You know what happens next.  You spend the next ten minutes thinking of a way […]

Watch What Happens.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a fiend for watches.  I own many of them and I am always looking for the next awesome watch to add to my collection.  My latest object of unhealthy desire is the URWERK UR-CC1, coded named the King Cobra. URWERK is Felix Baumgartner (watchmaker) and Martin Frei (artist).  […]