Monthly Archives: May 2009

80’s Pop Culture (and Great Architecture) up for sale.

It is said that great design transcends the moment and lasts for ever. If that is the case this garage has to be great design. It is in this garage, where Cameron Frye learned to stand up to his father and Ferris Bueller, that I fell in love with Ferrari, glass garages and the designs […]

What Hiring Managers Want to See in Your Portfolio.

To the Architect or Interior Designer, the portfolio is the expression of their design voice, the visual representation of their past work and a window into their design aesthetic and point of view.  It is also a great way to showcase design work and market design skills to potential employers. But what do hiring managers […]

Lego to scrape the sky.

As a kid I had lots of toys but none entertained me as much as Legos.  While the Matchbox Cars and Star Wars action figures slowly disappeared in garage sales, I would never let go of my Legos. It looks like I may have a reason to buy them again. hat tip