Monthly Archives: September 2009

Have Portfolio Will Travel.

In my article out this week in Architect Magazine I mention a very cost effective way to create and print affordable portfolios, what I call a “traveling portfolio”. These are copies of your portfolio inexpensive enough to leave with a firm or send to a company prior to your interview. The place is Costco. Costco […]

Using Social Media to Find a Job.

Social Media is a great way to stay in touch with friends, see pictures of your nephew’s birthday and pass along the most recent YouTube clip but did you know you can use those same social media sites to find a new job?  In this article I want share three easy ways to use social […]

Massive oasis fed by a river of money.

In China they are a Renminbi a dozen. America has a few, Rockefeller Center being the most famous. Now there is a new player in the mixed-use super project space, City Center, Las Vegas. This project is massive.  Built on 67 acres this city-within-a-city boasts entertainment, dining, nightlife, retail, residential and hotel spaces.  It is […]

If you could grow wheels, would you ride them?

YikeBike is about as close as humans will come to growing their own functional wheels. The question is why would we want to. I like the design of this “thing” but wonder if it is more novelty than practicality? Here is a video of the YikeBike in action. So what do you think, hot or […]

If a tree told time in the woods…..

My wish list is getting longer and longer these days!  The WoodStation Weather Display Clock is the latest addition to my list.  The clock is made of wood but inside are intuitive LED lights that project trough the wood creating a very clean, easy to read display of time, date and current weather conditions. What […]

What if Amsterdam was located in Napa?

You would get modern California warmth. Merus Wines, located in the Napa Valley, approached UXUS Design, based in Amsterdam, to create a space that would enhance the vintners high end brand and stand out among the many tasting rooms in the Valley. What UXUS has created is a perfect balance between warmth and modern sophistication. […]