Monthly Archives: July 2009

Armadillo Chair.

The Armadillo Chair was awarded First Place in the 2009 Wilsonart Challenge. The chair, designed by Aodh O’Donnell, is made of overlapping laminate tiles over a form. From the artist’s website: “The Armadillo Chair explores the possibilities of creating a new experience in the interaction between people and laminate.” Visually the chair is stunning. It […]

The Shweeb (I Want to go to There)

What is a Shweeb? The long answer.  A Shweeb is a human powered, recumbent, free hanging, monorail pod with seven gears that can reach top speeds of 90 kph.  You race your pod around a twisting, turning, dropping and swinging track. The short answers? The most fun you can have under your own power. The […]

Finding a Job in a New Community: Finding Your Perfect Job

Once you have a city in mind, how do you find a job?  More to the point, how do you get your portfolio in front of the right people?  What follows are three effective ways to reach out to potential employers, the first step to getting hired. Developing a List of Target Companies: As a […]

More Starbucks.

Sorry for another posting about Starbucks but I find this developing story very interesting. You can read the entire article here. In a stoke of marketing genius or stupidity, Starbucks is opening stores that are not Starbucks stores as we know them. The stores are being designed to integrate totally with the neighborhoods they are […]

Starbucks: The Next Generation?

I have a unique interest in Starbucks.  It’s not the company, the music, the coffee or that it is headquartered here in Seattle that holds my attention.  No, Starbucks interest me as a design firm.  Maybe because I worked there for so long supporting the talented designers who created all those store across the globe. […]

Casa no Geres, Portugal

This project has been on the web for some time but when I came across it I had to add my own take on it’s stunning simplicity and strange union with the surrounding area. At first glance the structure looks like an alien ship that has crash landed.  One side of the structure sits within […]

Watch What Happens.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a fiend for watches.  I own many of them and I am always looking for the next awesome watch to add to my collection.  My latest object of unhealthy desire is the URWERK UR-CC1, coded named the King Cobra. URWERK is Felix Baumgartner (watchmaker) and Martin Frei (artist).  […]

The Progress We Have Made?

Kyle Bean has a fresh take on the Russian nesting doll. He has created nesting cell phones. Much of Kyle’s work deals with the life cycle of objects.  His work subtly takes our disposable society to task. Mobile Evolution speaks to the space between technological progress and disposable technology. Can you have one without the […]

Happy Fourth of July.

Just a quick note to wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. Look for more exciting posts next week. David

The Art Gallary of Ontario, Frank Gehry’s Redesign.

Described as a place where architecture meets art, the Frank Gehry redesign of the Art Gallery of Ontario is the first time Gehry has worked in Canada. One of the main goals set for Gehry was to connect the city to the gallery. I think he does this very well in the Gallaria Italia. Here […]